Rabinovich presented Medvedchuk’s membership of the party For life

Рабинович вручил Медведчуку билет члена партии За життя

Viktor Medvedchuk received August 15, the membership of the party “For life”. Comments about this INSIDER said the party leader “For life” Vadim Rabinovich.

However, he said any personnel agreement they had, in particular that Medvedchuk can take the place of the speaker of the next Parliament.

“Nor I, neither Medvedchuk not talking about posts. I think that you first need to win, and then think about the posts,” said Rabinovich, adding that while Medvedchuk will be engaged in release of prisoners.

Commenting on the possibility of Association of parties “For life” and “opposition bloc” before the election, Rabinovich said that this option would be good, but there are nuances.

“In order to better represent the interests of voters of the Southeast, such a Union would be good. But you know that in every process there is a de**mo and candy. So in “the opposition bloc” is a de**mo and candy. De**mo is adhering to them the corrupt type, Lyovochkin, Boyko and another gang. But there are other good, decent people, and we would be happy to go with them to the polls,” said Rabinovich.

“Therefore, if de**mo-separated from the candy – this is an interesting proposal. And if not, if the taste of the candy mixed with de**m, we get a single d**mo. This Association will not be”, – he added.

We will note, according to sociological surveys, the rating of the party “For life” almost 30% lower than the rating of the Opposition bloc .

According to the survey research center of the BURI-Ukraine, in response to the question “which party you will never vote?” the majority of Ukrainians chose “the Opposition bloc” Yuriy Boyko (74%).

It is significant that at the same time, one of the lowest indicators of confidence – the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich – 44%. Thus Rabinovich 30% ahead of its main rival in the fight for the voters of the South-East and center of Ukraine.

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