Rabinovich suggested that the opposition bloc to start negotiations on the establishment of a political Union

Рабинович предложил Оппоблоку начать переговоры о создании политического объединения

The leader of the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich suggested that “the opposition bloc” to begin negotiations on the establishment of a political Union. He stated this on his page in Facebook.

“I want to appeal to political forces with a mandate from the South-East and centre of Ukraine, public organizations and associations. We have no right today to find out relationships between them, because the voters gave us their vote so we fought with this power, not with each other. Now more than ever you must resolve all conflicts and misunderstandings that stand in the way of broad-based political consolidation. In the first place I turn to “to the Oppositional block”: sometimes we were incorrect in action against each other, but now all of the confrontation and misunderstandings between us needs to stop, because the absence of unity leads to the fact that the government feels impunity, breaking us up into different groups while continuing to pursue a policy of destruction of Ukraine,” he said.

“I propose to turn the page and begin negotiations on the creation of a powerful consolidated political Union, which is able to stop the fighting in the Donbass, to prevent economic disaster and to save the country… We need to subordinate their ambitions and personal interests to the interests of our constituents. Will not forgive us if we miss today the chance to consolidate,” said Rabinovich.

And also said that he would do everything possible for the consolidation of both parties.

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