Rabinovich: Suprun – this pest is the number one in Ukraine

Рабинович: Супрун - это вредитель номер один в Украине

Acting Minister of health Suprun – this pest is the number one in Ukraine. Such opinion on air of “112 Ukraine” said the leader of the party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich.

“A huge European country is ruled, to say the least, a pest which has for it no opportunities, no talents, but in one hand she has focused billions of dollars. I am ashamed and disgusted that in our country, the law exists for Ukrainians and does not exist to bring foreign guest workers. Because according to the law of Ukraine, the acting may not be more than three months. I refer to it as the number one pest in our country,” he said.

Rabinovich said that the government also violates the law because once a year is obliged to report on the work done, but it does not.

Rabinovich also noted that the medical reform in Ukraine does not exist.

“There is no reform, if deprived of the rights of Ukrainians on the Constitution given to us free medical care. No medical insurance they are not introduced, half of the hospitals sell half the doctors kicked abroad and call it reform. This is not reform. It’s murder and they will answer for it. However, Suprun, I don’t think I will answer, she will leave, and our we get,” he concluded.

We will note, the Director of humanitarian initiatives of the Ukrainian world Congress Suprun from 27 July 2016 was appointed acting Minister of health.

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