Rabinovich: Tariffs in Ukraine should be brought into line with the solvency of Ukrainians

Рабинович: Тарифы в Украине должны быть приведены в соответствие с платежеспособностью украинцев

The leader of the political party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich expressed the opinion that the tariffs in Ukraine should be brought into line with the solvency of Ukrainians.

According to him, now the measure of utilities in incomes exceed 30% and several times exceeds the same indicator in Germany or Israel.

“As for pensioners, they do should be exempted from fees for municipal services and the draft law I have submitted to the Parliament”, – he said.

Note, the draft law No. 8485, which was submitted to Parliament Vadim Rabinovich, it is proposed to amend the Law of Ukraine “On basic principles of social protection of labour veterans and other elderly citizens in Ukraine”, by stating: the state guarantees to each veteran of labour and citizen old age an adequate standard of living, satisfaction with various life needs, providing various types of assistance, including exemption from payment of housing and communal services.

Also available exemption for senior citizens from payment of housing and communal services and free provision of senior citizens living in residential homes do not have Central heating, fuel limits established by the government of Ukraine.

Also, from the point of view Rabinovich, with respect to the amount of natural gas production in Ukraine, she can afford the tariff reduction and abolition for people of retirement age, as did some other countries.

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