Rada offer to call promoting terrorism the spread of information that would justify an armed aggression against Ukraine

Раде предлагают назвать содействием терроризму распространение информации, оправдывающей вооруженную агрессию против Украины

The Verkhovna Rada registered the bill No. 9275 “about protection of the information space”. The author is Secretary of the defense Committee, the people’s Deputy from BPP Ivan Vinnik.

It is proposed in the law on combating terrorism to expand the concept of “financing and other promotion of terrorism”, namely to clarify that we are talking in particular about the information support of terrorist organizations or illegal armed groups. Therefore, the creation and dissemination of information that positively highlights the occupation of the territory of Ukraine and military aggression against Ukraine – it is promoting terrorism.

The law on sanctions, I note that only Parliament may propose to the Council of national security and defense to impose sanctions against “media, broadcasting, radio and television and other agents of information activities in the field of television and broadcasting, their founders, beneficiaries who are residents of Ukraine.”

We will remind, on 4 October, the Parliament called on the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine to impose sanctions against the TV channel “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne, in particular to revoke licenses and prohibit the use of Ukrainian radio frequency resource.

The resolution came into force on 20 October.

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