Rada sent back for revision bill on fines for hostels in high-rise buildings

Рада отправила на доработку законопроект о штрафах за хостелы в многоэтажках

The Parliament sent a subject of legislative initiative for revision bill No. 6424-d increasing fines for improper use of apartments in high-rise buildings. This decision was supported by 226 people’s deputies.

According to the current legislation, the misuse of apartments in high-rise building carries a symbolic fine of 17 to 51 UAH. It is proposed to leave the punishment for the unauthorized conversion and redevelopment of buildings and premises, spoilage.

The bill provides that the use of apartments in residential buildings of 16 floors was not on purpose – is the creation of there offices, hotels and other places of temporary residence. For it is a penalty 34-51 thousand UAH, and for the second such violation within a year – up to 85 thousand UAH.

However, you are allowed to use the apartments in high-rise buildings for the production of goods and services without the use of employees only people who own the apartment or prescribed it – if they do not violate the rights and interests of other tenants in the building.

During the discussion, the representative of “Samopomich”, Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on construction, urban development and housing Alyona Babak criticized the bill because it does not include changes in the law on tourism regarding the activities of the hostels.

We will remind, in the summer of 2018, the deputies sent the document to the Committee for revision.

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