Radio Liberty, commented on the guilty plea by a journalist of this edition Aseev in the air of the Russian TV channel

Радио Свобода прокомментировала признание вины журналистом этого издания Асеевым в эфире российского телеканала

“Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe” believes that the recognition of espionage the journalist of this edition of Stanislav Aseev broadcast of Russian channel “Russia-24” may indicate a worsening in his case. The corresponding statement was published on Saturday morning.

“We question the circumstances of this so-called “confessions”. We do not have any idea about when, under what circumstances or coercion, it was made”, – quoted the press Secretary, “Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe” Joanna Levison.

According to her, the publication “continues to demand that Stanislav Aseev was immediately released from custody”.

We will remind, journalist Stanislav Aseev (Vasina) hold in captivity, the militants of illegal armed formation “DNR”. The connection with him was lost on 2 June 2017. The militants more than a month refused to specify where Aseev. 11 June 2017, the security Service of Ukraine has confirmed his disappearance, and July 28, the Russian side announced that it is retained in the occupied territory of the Donetsk region, where he initiated a criminal case.

In early July, 2018 Aseev, according to information received by his former classmate, the people’s Deputy Yegor Firsov, a hunger strike.

On 17 August the TV channel “Russia-24” showed a program in which captive journalist Stanislav Aseev confessed to spying. However, the recognition could knock, said deutet Egor Firsov.

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