Rapper Jay-Z named highest-paid hip-hop performer 2018

Рэпер Jay-Z назван самым высокооплачиваемым хип-хоп-исполнителем 2018 года

Forbes magazine published a list of the highest paid hip-hop artists of 2018. This was reported on the newspaper’s website.

The leader of the rating became the rapper Shawn Carter, acting under the pseudonym of Jay-Z. In the last 12 months he earned $ 76.5 million.

Heading the list of the musician helped the album Everything Is Love is the first Studio album, recorded together with his wife Beyonce. In addition, he earned money through touring On The Run II. Earlier, Jay-Z also topped the list of the richest rappers.

Second place goes to Sean Combs, formerly known as Diddy (Diddy), and in November of 2017 which replaced the alias in Love (Love). Hip-hop artist earned 64 million dollars.

On the third line of the rating was Kendrick Lamar with 58 million dollars.

The top ten also included rappers Drake (47 million dollars), J. Cole (35.5 million USD), Dr. Dre (35 million dollars), Nas (35 million dollars), Pit bull (32 million dollars), Future (30 million dollars) and Kanye West (27.5 million dollars).

Just a list of 20 musicians. Last place was shared between the musicians Russ, Meek Mill and Swizz Beatz, each of which earned $ 15 million.

As previously reported, George Clooney became the highest-paid actor according to Forbes.


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