Rapper Timati Olympians handing out free burgers

Rapper Timati, who in recent years more successful as a businessman, originally supported by Olympic athletes, giving them free burgers.


The video the actor posted on his page in Instagram. As the publication of “Version”, it’s not just about the burgers. “For all medalists of the Olympic games, all menus in all BlackStarBurger now – without waiting, for free, forever” – briefly gave the meaning of the message Timothy. This means that now the Olympic medalists can go into any restaurant and order whatever their heart desires, don’t pay them a penny. The person who answered the final decision of the IOC not to allow athletes to compete under the Russian flag.

Fans of Timothy reacted ambiguously to such a generous deed. Some considered his actions proper, and for some, this assistance would be correct towards the needy. Other fans did not understand the meaning of innovation, because the Olympians are on diet and are unlikely to go for fast food.