Rating of the dirtiest cities of Ukraine can not be considered completely objective, experts

Posted on August 20 rating of the most polluted cities in Ukraine cannot be considered completely objective due to a number of serious reasons. So, the question is how non-standardized the system of studies in different localities, and the discrepancy principles calculations of the actual environmental situation, writes “Obozrevatel”.

In addition, the authors refer to data of the Central geophysical Observatory named after Boris Sreznevsky, however on its website there are no current page on the main page you can see only the meteorological indicators, according to public organization “eco-patrol”.

Returning to the different criteria of comparison cities, it should be noted that in the rating of their matched, despite the completely different conditions to monitor the ecological situation. For example, in the Dnipropetrovsk region automated observation posts in cities of the Dnieper, Nikopol, Pavlograd and Krivoy Rog. Moreover, the first three even have their own Telegram-channels, which provide the data for everyone. Information about the observations is published on the resource ECOINFO, where you can learn the condition of the atmosphere at any point in the city of the Dnieper. However, if you pay attention, one can see that the data from stationary sources shall be made directly by enterprises and are not always fresh. With specific regard to Krivoy Rog, there’s resource center is regularly updating the information.

As writes the edition, in the neighboring Zaporozhye the situation is somewhat more complicated, since the city has only five stationary observation posts that are equipped only with devices for sampling. In the future, they are transported to the laboratory, and the results of the measurements are known only on the next day, and reported only on the exceedances of maximum allowable concentrations. Therefore, the specific numbers to see quite difficult. The same practice and luck.

Speaking of Mariupol, which in the rankings is recognized as the most polluted city on a par with the Dnieper, it should be noted that he suffered partly due to the fact that showed the real numbers, which are really measured.

In turn, the monitoring system in Odessa involves only the analysis and synthesis of initial data of monitoring entities because of their positions, the city has not. A similar principle works and Kharkiv, which does not hide that does not own the necessary measuring equipment.

Another factor indicating the absence of a common denominator in the study, is that the only regions performing measurements on the subject of heavy metals are of the Nikolaev and Kherson region.

The problem of the Kiev region is the presence of only four automated monitoring stations, which focus mainly on indicators of the capital, because they are in close proximity to it.

No less serious evidence confirming the fallacy of ranking polluted cities, you can call and flawed formula used to display air pollution index. So, the article States that the rating was based on data on 22 pollutants, including eight heavy metals. But practice shows that the measurements are conducted on standard indicators (dust, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, not always, formaldehyde and ammonia), and listed in article of the town, except for Mykolaiv and Kherson, nobody keeps records of emissions of heavy metals, which pose the greatest danger.

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