Razer : a smartphone unveiled on November 1, 2017 ?

The brand of hardware for computer Razer, well-known players from around the world, is back on October 11, 2017. With a simple tweet including an image, it has announced that it will unveil a new product on November 1, 2017. And the image gives us some information on this as it could be.

The first hypothesis of specialized sites is one of a smartphone : Razer is indeed absent from this niche market, because it specialises in computers and higher-end devices for players of video games.

A simple image that says it all

Despite a total lack of information, the teaser of Razer to what the brand considers to be the “biggest announcement ” that she has ever made is quite eloquent. We see a young person holding a camera in hand and this device is turned on. The product is thus focused on the portability and small size.

The position of the hands of the young man suggests to a controller. This would be consistent with the positioning of Razer, but it wouldn’t make any sense compared to the light which is emitted by the product. So, one might think a portable console with buttons on the sides, a bit like a GameBoy Advance or a Nintendo Switch-mode portable console.

WATCH for our biggest unveiling…
👁️https://t.co/gwrwrxbhf9 pic.twitter.com/OyBFVocHOF

— RΛZΞR (@Razer) 11 October 2017

A smartphone in cartons of Razer ?

Hard to imagine that Razer launches in the field of portable consoles. Except if in the console it includes smartphones : these, more powerful, can now be used to play. However, Razer has never yet unveiled smartphone ; launching a complement to its range.

Having regard to the positioning of Razer, the smartphone would be turned video games, perhaps thanks to a particular design, accessories dedicated to, or increased power. And the smartphone would also explain the url for the teaser, which presents the verbs ” Watch “, “Listen ” and “Play ” or ” Watch “, “Listen ” and ” Play “. The device, therefore, can not be a simple portable console.

Not to mention that the October 4, 2017 Tom Moss, former CEO and founder of Nextbit bought out by Razer became Senior Vice-President of Razer Mobile, has posted a small photo where you can see it with Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer. The latter, in the pocket of his pants, gave us a device the size and shape of a smartphone with the logo Razer. In view of teasing the official October 11, 2017, this photo was everything but innocent.

Got to spend quality time with the second best gamer at our company @minliangtan today. Exciting times ahead! pic.twitter.com/f6OvNKrN6L

— Tom Moss (@rebelleader) October 4, 2017

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