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The Montreal canadiens was secured this week his finest asset, making Carey Price the goalie the best paid of the NHL and the better paid of its history.

It exists among the public and supporters of two currents of thought: one that goes in the same direction as the decision of Marc Bergevin, or to retain their best player and identify Price as the player franchise and keeping it in Montreal, while the other current of thought is that we would have had to invest less in a goalkeeper to be able to make more elsewhere.

This last theory holds the road in some places, to the grocery store, for example. It is best to distribute the budget to have the greatest possible variety of products and existential in the basket instead of choosing the luxury product. In a few places like this, it is a philosophy that works.

But in other spheres of activity such as hockey professional, it does not hold the road. The teams who are content with a goalie as good as Price are doing so because they do not have the ability to put a hand on a guard as talented as him. It’s as simple as that.

Take, for example, the St. Louis Blues, who year after year, have presented balanced teams, without being able to go further because they do not have a goalkeeper at the height of the one that plays at the arena on the avenue of the Gauchettière in Montreal. It is a bit like opening a restaurant: it does not leave from a very good leader saying, “I’m going to be able to at least have two good servers and a manager average return”. It doesn’t work! To have a good restaurant, it takes a good chief, because if that comes out of the kitchen is not delicious, the best server or the best waitress in the world won’t.

Only a few teams in the recent history of the NHL may have been a custodian of the first plan, and again, some of these winning teams have benefited from a cerberus that starts at a given moment of his career, has played the best hockey of his life.

Baseball teams that win the world Series or who offer a playoff spot and have good pitchers. Rare are the clubs of the ball had managed to reach the winners circle with launchers means, but an excellent first goal.

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The next challenge for the Canadian, having consolidated his association with Carey Price, will be great in recruitment and development. It’s been several years that we talk about it, it has become the nerve of war. The weakness of the canadian dollar, a country where a good portion of the revenue of the NHL, requires the responsible organizations to recruit and develop talent to surround those or that which one identifies as the player concession. The system works as well, this is how it has been created from scratch by the owners of professional sports teams.

Now that the HP was attached to his chef for a long time, it is necessary to work to put around him a strong team. Only a few teams have been able to, because of a few mediocre years, have been able to afford a few players concession at the same time, but for obvious reasons, the owner of the CH refuses to go this way. So it’s not rocket science, there’s no magic trick, and in hockey, one does not leave good players out of a hat, a top-of-form. We must work hard to recruit and then to bring them to their full potential.

Radulov in Dallas

The free agent market this year has once again shown that teams that have good reserves do not make ill-considered action. In the past year, Loui Ericksson, David Backes and Andrew Ladd took advantage of the weaknesses of the Canucks, Bruins and Islanders to win contracts irrational.

During his press briefing that followed the signing of Carey Price, the top of the lips, Bergevin spoke of loyalty. I don’t always agree with what the director-general of the CH, but this time, I’m forced to swim in the same current. Radulov has been adored, loved and respected in Montreal as it has ever been in his professional career. The supporters have opened their arms. I arrive it hard to understand why a player who loads up the emotions is not able to put it in the balance.

The CH was frankly in need of a striker to be grafted to his top 6 to be a respectable team in attack and the addition of Jonathan Drouin makes sense.

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But the folder Radulov has known a conclusion is unfortunate for the Canadian. Three days after the opening of the free agent market, the Russian striker is gone to Dallas in the crash. A story of a little hare-brained, which, in the end, will lose the Canadian a lot more than Radu, who received a five-year contract for more than $ 30 million and which is found in a corner of the planet where it will save$ 800,000 in taxes. Not so bad on the business front!

The Canadian is losing, because at the end of the day, as we often say Marc Bergevin… they are deprived of an attacker who is able to make the difference. Radulov had no statistics spectacular to sell, but he took advantage of a market where the talent was rare.

The Canadian quickly, via its vice-president communications, Donald Beauchamp, said that a contract offer is identical to the one that Radulov has accepted Stars was filed last Saturday at noon. During the period of “slamming”, the Stars had taken advantage of the opportunity to be closer to the clan Radulov. Dallas has signified its interest and not to speak of figures, the agent of Radulov knew very well that in the case of an offer being equal, it is in Dallas that his client would win.

The explanations of the Russian striker at his press call on Monday, had the air of a story sewn with white thread. Sometimes, according to him, the Canadian was not more than 3-4 years old, and three minutes later, he was ready to go to 5, its basic requirement. Oh, pardon! What the agent Radulov had initially wanted to, it was 7 years, but it, not even the Stars were not interested in going that far.

Obviously, the agent and Marc Bergevin were not able to create a climate conducive to a settlement. From the very first meetings in January, it went wrong. It is a business, as they say of players and general managers when they must make a decision that hurts.

For supporters of the Canadian, it is the harsh reality of that just hit. A long time ago that they had not experienced such a situation. A player they loved almost unconditionally, despite his flaws, turning their backs on their favorite team.

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Fortunately, a few days before, Carey Price had to be comforted by telling them that he is committed to the Canadian, among other reasons, because the fans have always supported and respected. For the Price, it was worth it and obviously, for Radulov, it didn’t.

This negotiation was like a boxing match where two boxers, despite the victory of one over the other, leave the ring with bruises. Radu will be the full silver and his pockets, but it will not have the recognition and love that the public has brought them here in Montreal. The Canadian is out to get him for not being loyal, not taking into account that he trusted him, so that everyone doubted in the NHL. A doubt quite important still lingers on him, since there was a Canadian and the Stars ready to satisfy his desires.

The Canadian loses an asset, but that doesn’t mean that the team is lost. The economic situation does not look very good, you tell me, and this is not Ales Hemsky, a player that under performs since his arrival in the NHL, which will be a palliative.

More than ever, the door is open. Will find out if one or two young players can make the difference to allow the Canadian to have enough wins in the bank to participate in the series.

The case of Galchenyuk becomes a top priority. Fortunately, the climate of negotiation may be very different between Pat Brisson and Marc Bergevin.

There are still some lessons to be learned from all this at the Canadian. In the end, this is still the draft and a high-level development that will put the Canadian in a position of strength when arise, in the future, other situations like this.

This column is my last. It was a privilege and a pleasure to enter with you through these few lines of opinion each week. I hope to continue to know you are listening to the matches in the Canadian airing on Cogeco, everywhere in Quebec. Thank you!