Red carpet for Arcand in France

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After a resounding success in the halls of the Quebec city this past summer, the film The fall of the american empire takes over the French market. The most recent work of renowned quebec filmmaker Denys Arcand, will be launched for the first time paris this evening on the Champs-Elysées, before taking the displays on more than 150 screens across France next week.

Many stars French and québec (including Robert Charlebois, Luc Plamondon and Marie-Josée Croze) are expected this evening in this, the first of which will take place in the great hall of the UGC Cinema on the Champs-Élysées. Denys Arcand will be on-site, in the company of his producer (and spouse) Denise Robert and the two main actors of his film, By Morin and Alexandre Landry. They will spend the week in Paris, to multiply the interviews with the French media.

Alexandre Landry and By Morin in a scene from the film.

Seal before his departure for Paris a few days ago, Denys Arcand said he was glad to reconnect with the French public, which often has well-received his films. The barbarian invasions and The decline of the american empire , moreover, had attracted approximately 1.5 million viewers in French theatres at their respective outlets.

“It is a public that is generally very loyal and that has long memory,” stresses Arcand about spectators in French.

“I remember that when I had done the tour of promotion of the Decline of the american empire in France [thirty years], a couple in the room had got up to say that he never miss my films since he had seen Réjeanne Padovani. For me, it remained as a striking example of the love of cinema in france. It is a public that is very cinephile. France is the paradise of the lovers. “

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An important output

The French poster of the film The fall of the american empire that we can see since a few weeks in the streets in France.


This is a young distribution box, Jour2Fête, who handles the marketing of The fall of the american empire in France. Attached to Monday, the co-managing partner of the box, Etienne Ollagnier, has not hidden his enthusiasm for the more recent film of Arcand.

“This is a movie that you really like and it was decided to organize a very nice release on 150 screens across the country, he entrusted the Journal. This will be one of the most important outputs of our history. It is important to know that the name of Denys Arcand resonates very strongly in the minds of the people in France. His films The decline of the american empire and The barbarian invasions were a big success here. “

Even if the fall of The american empire, will be appearing in a week, the first echoes of the audience and the French press are favourable, according to producer Denise Robert. The film has also received the support of the magazine Télérama, which was scheduled in mid-January in a festival bringing together some of his favorite films of the year to come.

“There are 145 rooms across France, which showed the film in the framework of this festival and the feedback has been excellent, says Denise Robert. There are people who say that the movie comes at a good time in France because he denounces social inequality, and this is what we see now with the yellow Vests. One feels that the film appeals to people and is attracting a lot of interest. This is very encouraging for the future. “

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The fall of the american empire has already been sold around the world. After France, it will be available this spring in several other countries in Europe, including Spain and Portugal. Its release in the United States is scheduled for the end of may.