Reissue of the novel Voroshilovgrad Sergei Zhadan came in Knobloch

Переиздание романа Ворошиловград Сергея Жадана вышло в кинообложке

To premiere action-adventure Director Yaroslav Lodygin “Wild Field”, filmed on the novel by Serhiy Zhadan “vorochilovgrad”, came the reissue of the book that graced the official poster of the ribbon.

On the cover of the reissue of “vorochilovgrad” depicts the main characters of the film “Wild Field” – Herman (Oleg Moskalenko) and the Pastor (Alexei Gorbunov) on the background of the main decorations of the ribbon – retrospec specially built for filming in the hometown of the writer Starobilsk (Luhansk region), the place where the main action of the novel.

Переиздание романа Ворошиловград Сергея Жадана вышло в кинообложке

In addition to the poster in edition includes exclusive images from the film. To purchase the novel “Voroshilovgrad” in the new design is in all the bookstores of Ukraine.

In General Ukrainian the film “Wild Field” will be released on 8 November. Earlier it was presented the trailer for the film.

Recall that in 2014, the book of Sergei Zhadan “vorochilovgrad”, in explanation of which the tape is removed, the best Ukrainian novel of the decade by version of the literary prize “BBC Ukraine”. The product also received the Swiss literary prize of the Foundation Jan Michalski. The text was translated into five languages.

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