Reliability: Toyota still dominates according to J. D. Power

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In its annual study of the reliability of the automotive industry, the american firm J. D. Power has once again praised the Toyota products.


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For the eighth consecutive year, Toyota and its luxury brand Lexus are among the Top 3 manufacturers the least problematic.

To come to these findings, J. D. Power has identified the issues that are listed on vehicles of three years old (model year 2016) on a 12-month period. Note that these problems can be of any order, from a serious engine failure to a defect is very minor.

With an average of 106 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100), it is Lexus that throne at the top of this edition 2019 on the list.

Toyota comes in second position with 108 PP100, on a par with the prestigious German manufacturer Porsche. J. D. Power pointed out that among all the models analyzed, it is the Porsche 911, which proved to be the least problematic.

Surprisingly, Lexus and Toyota are the only two japanese brands have their place among the 10 most reliable in the study of J. D. Power. Subaru (136 PP100), Nissan (137 PP100) and Honda (146 PP100) find themselves in the middle of the pack, while the industry average stands at 136 PP100.


Mixed results for Americans

At General Motors, Chevrolet, and Buick stood out as possessing, respectively, the fourth and the fifth rank on the list. However, at the other end of the spectrum, GMC, and Cadillac are in fact part of the 10 brands most problematic, alongside builders reputation as unenviable as Fiat, Volvo and Land Rover.

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To the general surprise, Mini, BMW and Audi have also carved a place in the top rankings, including the Top 10 is completed by the Korean Hyundai and Kia.

As a note overall, J. D. Power said there should be found a decrease of 4% of the problems listed in relation to its study of last year.

Note that the american manufacturer Tesla is not part of the study due to an insufficient sample.

The top 2019 J. D. Power

1. Lexus: 106 problems per 100 vehicle
2. Porsche: 108
3. Toyota: 108
4. Chevrolet: 115
5. Buick: 118
6. Mini: 119
7. BMW: 122
8. Audi: 124
9. Hyundai: 124
10. Kia: 126
11. Infiniti: 128
12. Volkswagen: 131
13. Mercedes-Benz: 134
14. Subaru: 136
15. Nissan: 137
16. Chrysler: 146
17. Ford: 146
18. Honda: 146
19. Lincoln: 147
20. Mitsubishi: 158
21. Mazda: 159
22. GMC: 161
23. Cadillac: 166
24. Jeep: 167
25. Jaguar: 168
26. Acura: 171
27. Ram: 171
28. Dodge: 178
29. Volvo: 204
30. Land Rover: 221
31. Fiat: 249