Representation of the President in Crimea in favour of changing the order of appointment of the head of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous

Представительство президента в Крыму выступает за изменения порядка назначения главы Совета министров АР

Representation of the President of Ukraine in Crimea has called for a change of order of appointment of the head of the Council of Ministers of Crimea, to ensure the possibility of its operation in conditions of occupation of the Peninsula. This was announced by first Deputy permanent presidential representative in Crimea, Nigeria Gdanov, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

“In accordance with the Constitution, the ARC has a special status, the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers. Appoints the Prime Minister, the Supreme Council of ARC in agreement with the President. At the moment we have a de facto no Executive authority in connection with the occupation, and to us it is necessary to develop sectoral program on de-occupation and reintegration of the Crimea, and also that after the de-occupation, we could instantly ensure the safety of our citizens and territory control. How are we going to do it, if we will not be able to appoint the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, because today’s so-called Supreme Council is illegitimate?” he said.

According to Ganova, now the mission is developing a mechanism for changing the procedure of appointing the Prime Minister of the Council of Ministers with the exception to this process is the Supreme Council of Crimea.

“We are working on the issue of the appointment mechanism of the Executive authorities of Crimea… We have to work a separate appointment mechanism that will allow the President to appoint a Prime Minister who will form a Council of Ministers, we immediately after the de-occupation could provide state control on the territory of the Crimea”, – he said.

Deputy postpreda insists that such changes are necessary, and now the mission is awaiting the text of the draft of the constitutional Commission and subsequent decision of Petro Poroshenko.

Note that according to the Constitution of Crimea, the Supreme Council of Crimea carries out the representative, law-making, oversight functions and powers within its competence.

The Council of Ministers of Crimea is the Executive body of the AR. The head of the Council of Ministers of the Peninsula is appointed and dismissed by the Supreme Council of Crimea on agreement with the President of Ukraine.

The document also notes that the term of office of members of the armed forces of the Crimea is 5 years. The termination of powers is a consequence of the termination of authority of its deputies.

Prior to the occupation of the Peninsula the post of Minister of the Council of Ministers of Crimea was occupied by Anatoly Mogilev (November 8, 2011-27 February 2014).

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