Representative Stop corruption met with the leadership of NACP

The representative of public organization “Stop corruption” Konstantin Warsaw met with the leadership of the National Agency for corruption prevention, according to “112 Ukraine”.

Social activists are outraged that the head of the budget Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Pavelko takes a few posts, which is why there is a conflict of interest. Also included in the composition of the governing body profitable organization, which is a corruption offence.

“As the head of the FFU he can ask the budget Commission funds for the establishment of football fields, as Chairman of the budget Committee he could consider this request and give consent himself. He is all over these posts entirely closed the question of financing football industry in Ukraine”, – said the representative of the NGO “Stop corruption” Konstantin Warsaw.

Besides, activists of “Stop corruption” drew the attention of the NACP to violations of the law and other officials. Deputy Chairman of the National Agency Stanislav Patuk assured that the issue of languages.

“Currently, there is still the consideration of the protocols, but he may not exactly approve whether these protocols are written, they are still in the NAPC review. As to peer review, they are not imposed. However, said that if the protocols concerning violations will be identified within 3 days they will be transferred in court” – has informed Warsaw about the results of the meeting.

Activists hope that their appeal will consider the leadership of NACP, and they will have the results.

Представитель Стоп коррупции встретился с руководством НАПК

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