Republicans: Without the name, but very explicitly, Estrosi, proposing the exclusion of Wauquiez

Laurent Wauquiez and Christian Estrosi, coast to côteà the March republican of January 11, 2015 in Paris. — PATRICK KOVARIK / AFP

Its proximity with Common Sense could cost him the presidency to the Republicans ? While he is now officially in the running to take over the reins of the party in December, Laurent Wauquiez is already attacked by the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi. The latter has sent a letter to Bernard Accoyer, the secretary-general of LR, that is secured to a journalist at LCI, where even without naming the favourite in the polls, he clearly expresses his desire to exclude it.

After about Common Sense in The Wrong, C. Estrosi, writing to the Republicans and wants this to be on the agenda for the next BP @LCI

— Julien ARNAUD (@JulARNAUDmedia) October 11, 2017

“For several weeks, our movement has taken the habit to include in the agenda of its political bureau of the exclusion procedures, to be motivated by accusations of betrayal of our movement. Yet, today, even within our party, some have the big day a close to assumed with movement close to the ideas of the extreme right, so far removed from the values of the foundress of our family “.

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Clearly targeted

Christian Estrosi is a clear reference to the call of common Sense, a movement from The Manif for All ” in the ranks LR, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen. However, Laurent Wauquiez is considered close to the movement Common Sense.

This is not the first time for Christian Estrosi, who had already in the past called for the exclusion of the party of Common Sense. And at a time when Republicans are trying to make the household from amongst the Macron-compatible, the mayor of Nice took the opportunity to drive the point home : “In a spirit of clarification, I want my turn to ask you to inscribe on the agenda of our next political bureau meeting to the exclusion of those, in particular the senior executives, who have maintained the doubt on their positioning vis-à-vis the national Front during the last presidential election [sic] and laws, and who continue to show an unhealthy closeness with these ideas écœurantes and those who defend them “.

This is the ultimate picnic leaves no doubt as to the person : Laurent Wauquiez was a staunch defender during the second round of the presidential vote “against Marine Le Pen” and not ” Emmanuel Macron “.

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