Request to ban right turn at red light

Pietons Québec and Acces transports viables recommend that the Government of Quebec reverse the right-of-way by the red light, a right acquired in 2003 throughout the province, except for the Island of Montreal. According to them, the maneuver causes too many accidents, sometimes fatal.

The two pedestrian rights organizations were heard during the Public Consultation on Road Safety at the Societe d’assurance automobile du Quebec (SAAQ). Jeanne Robin, the spokesperson for Pietons Québec, responds unfavorably to the proposal of fifteen mayors of the boroughs and municipalities of the metropolis to extend the right turn to the territory of the island.
“Rather than wishing for an extension of the right turn, we must question the relevance of maintaining it. It is a measure that causes the wounded and the dead. Statistics show that it was not done at zero cost, “she says. Figures in support of the Ministry of Transport, the right turn made 260 victims, of which four died from 2012 to 2015 only. It should be noted that the data also take into account accidents at intersections where the maneuver was prohibited at all times.
“The complexity of signage helps to blend the motorist’s rights,” says Robin. Thus, the authorization to turn on certain fires may lead a driver to believe that he can also turn to places where it is forbidden. Other motorists may decide to assume this right, knowing that they are formally prohibited from transferring. In Montreal, where the right turn on the red light is prohibited, there are 32 injured from 2011 to 2015. There were 25 people in Quebec City and 30 in Gatineau for the same period.
The spokeswoman recalled that the public health directors of Quebec had opposed it in 2000. Moreover, she noted with regret that their forecasts on the number of injured and dead are now fair.
In a brief filed at the time, they estimated that the right turn would cause 70.5 injuries per year and 0.5 deaths. Figures that are roughly comparable to the statistics from 2011 to 2015. “It struck me to see that we almost get pile-hair on the projections. By considering things well, far from being less dangerous, the measure is much more than expected. The projections also took into account the population of Montreal. In reality, it’s a bad record if we consider that the right turn is prohibited, “concludes Ms. Robin.

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