Researchers have found a vulnerability in Galaxy S7, it can benefit from hackers.

Исследователи нашли уязвимость в Galaxy S7, ею могут воспользоваться хакеры,  - СМИ

Samsung Galaxy S7 can be vlamat, taking advantage of the vulnerability of the Meltdown. This was announced by researchers the publication Reuters.

“Samsung Galaxy S7 has a flaw in the security of the microchips, it was discovered earlier this year. Because of him, tens of millions of devices can hack the hackers who can spy on users,” – said the publication.

According to the publication, it is believed that 7 Galaxy and other smartphones from Samsung are protected against vulnerabilities Meltdown, which, according to the researchers, touched on a number of computers, smartphones and other computing devices in the world.

Researchers from the Technical University in Graz (Austria) said that know how to exploit the vulnerability Meltdown to attack the Galaxy 7.

“The team plans to talk about this on Wednesday at a security conference in Las Vegas. Now researchers are studying the impact of the Meltdown on other smartphone models and expect that in the near future will find other vulnerable devices,” the newspaper writes.

One of the researchers told the publication that “there are potentially hundreds of millions of phones that are affected by the Meltdown and can’t be fixed, because providers themselves do not know it”.

Samsung said that in January and July, they released updates that should protect Galaxy S7 from Meltdown.

Also, according to the newspaper, the press service of Samsung said that they are not aware of cases where Meltdown has been used to attack the Galaxy S7 or any other smartphone of their company.

According to research firm Strategy Analytics, the Galaxy S7 is now used by approximately 30 million people.

Meltdown is a vulnerability that can be used to identify the contents of your device (phone, computer, tablet). Using it hackers can gain access to passwords and other personal user information that is stored on the device. Hackers can access the phone by bypassing hardware barriers, or cheating applications that the user installs on their phone.

Known cases of break-ins devices by hackers with the help of Meltdown, and yet the presence of such errors in the system stimulate the industry to improve their devices.

Recall that in January because of a vulnerability in processors Intel started filing lawsuits. Then Apple said that all their devices (excluding smart watches) that use the Intel or ARM is affected, but so far not recorded a single case where someone would use them.

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