Residents of Kramatorsk and Uzhgorod said, compromises have to go to Ukraine in the exchange of hostages

Journalists of the TV channel “112 Ukraine” learned from the residents of Kramatorsk about the fact, will decide whether the negotiations of the contact group in Minsk on problems of Ukrainian hostages in Russia, and what compromises need to go Ukraine to liberate them.

Most of the residents of Kramatorsk believe that human life is most valuable, and therefore Ukraine has to make compromises, but in any case not to give their land.

A resident of Kramatorsk said that the release of the hostages – the most important question there can be no restrictions, because the life of Ukrainians – above all else. I agree with him his compatriot, stating that human life is important. She also stressed that for the release of hostages you need to negotiate, to sit at the round table, to negotiate, to give in.

One Respondent also stated that the best exchange would be to exchange “all for all”.

A local resident said that during the talks Ukraine, the need to compromise, but not give up his land, which was agreed another Respondent, saying that “the earth is the main thing, it is impossible to give”.

In turn, in the opinion of Uzhgorod residents, among whom a survey was conducted, the exchange of hostages required in any configuration, with the involvement of international assistance.

“Compromises should be made. If we want to liberate people, we have to go on some concessions. Otherwise it is impossible. Otherwise, they will die, and compromises are no longer needed,” – says the resident of Uzhgorod.

Another resident of Uzhgorod expressed confidence that the negotiations and the hostage exchange can help international partners.

“To return the hostages, not surrendering any fundamental things for the country, the need to attract international mediators, representatives of those States that can affect the leadership,” said the man.

Another local resident said that Ukraine should seek a compromise, but not to do sharp movements and not to be humiliated.

We will note, according to the leader of “Ukrainian choice” Victor Medvedchuk, peace in Donbas without the implementation of the Minsk agreements is impossible, alternatives to these agreements no. According to him, if Kiev complied with Minsk agreements as well as adopt Pro – Western law- the conflict in the Donbas have long addresses. Medvedchuk also said that negotiations for the release of prisoners continues, however, due to political speculation to reach an agreement is extremely difficult.

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