Residents of the luxury high-rises in Moscow “unleashed” police on illegal immigrants

The signing of the petition in a luxury apartment building of Moscow ended in a fight and the intervention of law enforcement.


Once again, trying to expel from his home unfair public utilities, residents of elite Moscow high-rise building came to need to call the police. The fact that the tenants signed a contract with new management company, whose staff started in the control room to perform their duties. Competitor company expressed its categorical disagreement with this decision, resulting in a mass brawl.

Tenants are not left behind and called the police. Law enforcement authorities had to open the metal door to the control room and make a mass arrest.

His desire to change the utility residents explained unscrupulous performance of public utilities of its obligations, namely: regular power outages, often working elevators and high prices for utilities. But most of all the residents of the house scares taking place on the technical floor. According to them, there are large numbers of illegal immigrants who use public services, as they have to pay for tenants.

On arrival of the police on the technical floor do found an unlocked room, which left no doubt that live in it. In the room there was furniture, appliances, full bathroom.