Retired voluntarily gave 500 thousand roubles the swindler

81-year-old resident of Moscow voluntarily gave up 500 thousand roubles the swindler because of his gullibility.


The pensioner told police that accumulated 500 thousand rubles and took them to the Bank on the street Taganskaya. On the way home she was approached by an unknown woman and, posing as a Bank employee, said that Russia introduced a new currency. The crook suggested the woman to exchange the old money for new. The unsuspecting pensioner returned to the Bank where he withdrew the money and gave it to the “Bank employee”.

The woman assured the pensioner that a few hours would bring her new banknotes. Muscovite left to wait in the courtyard near the Bank and in return learned from these officers that no change of currency in the country is not expected.

Duped pensioner could not immediately write a statement to the police because, having poor health, could not reach the office.