Reva: out Of a million Ukrainians in Poland only 300 thousand will be able to receive pension

Рева: Из миллиона украинцев в Польше только 300 тыс. смогут получить пенсию

Poland is home to millions of Ukrainians, but only 300 thousand of them pay contributions to US. This was in the “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine” said the Minister of social policy of Ukraine Andriy Reva.

“Today Lithuania is the main destination of labour migration and Poland. Moreover, our concern in Poland. Officially working there about a million of Ukrainians, but was, according to the Polish side, about 300 thousand Ukrainians who pay dues to US, it is their pension system,” said Reva.

In this regard, on 4 September Minister flies to Poland at the invitation of the Marshall of the Sejm for a meeting with government colleagues in Poland. The discussion will, in particular, the problems of Ukrainian labor migrants in Poland.

“The idea is there if they pay for 5 years – they will be eligible to retire, and they can get it, including in Ukraine without issues. And those who work there and are not insured, they are also not insured here. The problem is that the person should be insured or in Poland or in Ukraine, because most of our labor migrants still come back,” said the Minister.

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