Review blogosphere: aggression Putin scored aspen stake in the idea of ​​”Russian World”

Last week, the Ukrainian blogosphere written records of military killed in the Donbas, “Rashizm” and paradoxes in Ukraine, which led to Russian aggression.
Journalist Anastasia Birch writes about the need to keep records of victims of the war in the Donbas.

“Any attempt to open a dead person – to publish their names and photos – or broke the silence about the Ministry of Defense, Interior, Security Service, UBA, NSDC, or about stupid excuses press center ATO, for example:” name is set. “Information providers at all levels clearly followed the perverse logic supposedly protect civilians from the tragic information stubbornly realizing that in this case it omissions, silence and trying to hide something generate distrust of the government and military commanders to undermine the morale of soldiers and generate thousands of eerie legends about hidden victims “- she writes.

However, said Birch, 11 December, after almost eight months since the first military killed in the Donbas, by order of the Minister, the site appeared MoD list of named victims.

“Around 900 people. Yes, imperfect, not very comfortable, something no photos. But it is not important. The main thing – now we know the names – from the first to the – I would say – the last hero” – says Birch.

“Set each deceased person – means to send a message to anyone who fights that most terrible case his name and heroism will not be forgotten. With his family will not be abandoned, and nameless grave. Fear remain unrecognizable, unaccounted victim scares more than clear and the exact number of casualties. Last mobilizes, first – demotyvuye “- sums it.

The journalist Yuri Marchenko talks about an experiment that he put on himself, trying to live on minimum wage in 1218 UAH.

“UAH in 1218 – a 227 loaves brand Kyiv threaded. Or 609 travel on the subway. 23 bottle of sparkling wine Ukrainian producer. About 40% gray overcoat in a cage in a store in the capital. And it is 39 UAH 29 kopecks. Per day for all. Before the experimental month I occasionally catch myself thinking that I was waiting for something terrible. I imagined how I would pour into the pan last molecule pasta and eat it on the unwashed plate hoping that there were grain previous meal. I was scared that I can not and do not like to cook, because my usual scheme when hunger look like this: get dressed and go to the nearest cafe, “- says the journalist.

“However, the very first purchase seriously contributed to my optimism: 57 UAH I bought a large package of food, including several packs of barley and millet grains, a dozen potatoes, eggs, noodles, cabbage, carrots and even impromptu dessert – apple. Around this menu I spent a whole month. It was soon discovered that every few days I can afford meat – chicken legs kilogram worth in the market about 29 USD. Moreover, I was even able to update your wardrobe. To check whether you can dress up living on minimalku, I went to the capital’s biggest second-hand. This trip cost $ 14 USD: two chips on the subway and a great coat for 10 USD “- says Marchenko.

Finally, the blogger notes, he managed to save about a hundred hryvnia.

“In theory, if I ruled out everything unnecessary costs, could gather for communal services, pay as a result I could only partially. For the most money went to buy food,” – he states.

“Around not many countries where the minimum wage is lower than in Ukraine. But there is, for example, Uzbekistan with its € 35. For comparison, the highest in Europe minimalka in Luxembourg – € 1921. Latvians are not willing to work for less than € 320 . The highest minimum wage in the same world – the Australians for most low-paid jobs for around € 2000 “- says Marchenko.

“Of course, high minimalka – is not an indicator of the financial success of the country. In Georgia, for example, completely abandoned the concept. However, too many people in Ukraine have to live on such a symbolic money. More specifically, survive. Because even with proper economy sooner or later accumulate shaft of accounts that can not be paid. Regularly use transportation will not work. get sick – very undesirable. Buy gifts – problematic. If there is something difficult to break hangers – things bad. And the worst part is that this experiment one person per month, and for many people – the harsh reality that lasts for years “- said the journalist.

The writer Elena Zakharchenko writes about “emotional Square” in.

“When I stumble upon another article that Russia will soon end, would not even angry. This is our background information on early spring.” Green men seized the Crimea, Russia will soon end, “” In Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv emotion, but not Fear, because Russia will soon end. “” Terrorists airliner shot down, well just now Russia will soon end. “” We have a big loss, volunteers falling down, people Yanukovych returned to power, the volunteers want to rotate, and there is no one to replace them, but do not be afraid, because the price of oil falls, and Russia will soon end, “- says Zaharchenko.

“The Russians are not ready to eat or drink, and do not feed the children, if they win the territories who believe their own. Now they have – a rare emotional lift, which does not seem to have been with Gorbachev. The people of Russia now – is, in fact, crowd, no matter that he was not in the area, and in their homes watching television. As of now, in fact, is its own place, other without going outside. After all, our time is not necessarily converge on the area for emotional unity and falling into a trance common thinking enough TV and social networking “, – the writer.

“And if we still swayed himself sweet song that Russia is about to collapse, be prepared to be lower in the future race of Russian superpower. And those who wrote these fake predictions should be put in a room for those who a year ago distributed social networking information “Berkut” threw the helmet to the ground and went on our side “and that” Griffin “turned his back to attack protesters and more will not.” And let them all become ashamed “- writes blogger.

Political analyst Taras Wozniak in his blog trying to organize paradoxes in Ukraine, which led to the Russian aggression.

“The first thing you can say is the fact that at this stage of confrontation considerable Donbas (not all, and, interestingly, on both sides of the front – although in different proportions) fell out of the process of creating a new political community – Ukrainian civic nation. Second – something no one sees the obvious, which is that the “Soviet” community of Donbas that zbylasya in the core region (the core – on) fell into extreme Russian nationalism with elements of fascism. Third – collapsed paternalism Donbass . Fourth – accelerated the identification of “population in the Donbass” … The process inshuvannya … In fact it inshuvannya on the line against Russian Ukrainian Republicans Imperials. Fifth – for the first time after the 1917-1922 civil war against Russia’s neo-imperial Center of the Ukrainian Republican fighting not only a lot of Russian, but that ethnic Russians. The Russians, who actively participate in the creation of Ukrainian civic nation. Sixth – it is very unpleasant for Ukrainian-traditionalists paradox. Do not remind you of all the Donbas Popandopulo – Zaharchenko-pushyliny-brains – our glorious otamans – Makhno, Green, Angel, Grigoriev, etc? Finally, very much to throw at opponents stupor – and on our side of the front no such otamans? All of our glorious commander … threats in terms of Russian aggression deploy volunteer battalions in Kyiv “- he writes.

Says analyst and economic paradoxes.

“The first – crumbled to pieces the myth that” Donbass feeds all. “In Donbass comes to humanitarian catastrophe. The rest of Ukraine creak, but alive. Second – Putin is not so much” saving “as destroying the Donbass. Destroys deliberately and methodically. Third – destroying industry in the Donbas – and much of the industry is outdated and unprofitable – Putin, together with local collaborators among Donbass “scoops”, performs the work that sooner or later would have to fulfill the government of Ukraine. That is, the government of Ukraine if he would like to modernize Ukrainian economy would get rid of a burden on the national budget productions … Putin himself without realizing relieve neck stone Ukraine, which did not give her the chance to break in the economic sphere. Fourth – Donbass industrial complex is not only production but also a great city agglomeration. As of this moment and moved within Ukraine and abroad to one million population. Completion of the conflict can not be seen. Much of displaced persons remain in new places … a process that goes. And he called dispersal huge crowd that was carted there by Stalin to work in this industrial complex “- says Wozniak.

He cites several political paradoxes.

“First, the Putin regime aggression against Ukraine, paradoxically, aspen drove a wedge into the idea of” Russian World “. Now, after nine months of Russian aggression in Ukraine, it is impossible to apply crafty argument that we are all one people – one” Russian ” people. It is the most recent putinoyidam in Europe and the world very effectively proved the maxim Leonid Kuchma “Ukraine is not Russia.” The second: Temporary hopefully withdrawal of Crimea and Donbas political system of Ukraine paradoxically gave her a chance to make a qualitative leap – it is easier to implement reforms that are overdue, substantial progress towards the EU, and scared to say NATO. Why? Because it made ​​it possible to form a Supreme Council, which has a huge majority of European “- he states.

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