Review the first round of the Duels of “The Voice”

Revoyez la première ronde des Duels de «La Voix»

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The Duels have begun in force on Sunday, while four candidates by team battled to defend their place in the competition.

The first night of Duels has been rich in emotions. At the end of duels intense, the coaches have had to make heart-wrenching decisions to determine which candidates they wished to continue the adventure.

The candidates have given their all on stage to seduce their coach.

Here are the best benefits of the first round Duels:

Jordane Labrie and Karine Labelle


Ceeko and Carl Miguel Maldonado


Pamela Boyer and Julien Charbonneau


Elodie Bégin and Vanwho


Stéphanie Veillette and Emmanuel Creis


Alex Meteor and Chadia Kikondjo


Édouard Lagacé and Nicolas Grynzsoan