Rewarding rappers of the anti-Semites led to the scandal in Germany

In Germany, a scandal erupted against the anti-Semites. The last straw was rewarding rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang.

In Germany every year takes place the presentation of music award to musicians. Last year the prize was awarded rappers Kollegah and Farid Bang who are ardent anti-Semites. The albums of the artists scattered circulation of more than 200 thousand copies each, which raised them to the tops of all the charts.

After the award the awards in a society scandal, and “oil in fire” have added that the ceremony was appointed to the Day of memory of victims of the Holocaust. Musicians strongly criticized for their positions, even though they completely deny their commitment to the anti-Semitic movement.

Many citizens began to speak out against their awards and even offered otobrat prize. The organizers of the event said that they reward those performers who sell a large number of disks, but their quality in selection is not taken into account. This explanation did not stop the scandal, and the organizers had to think about the transfer of the prize to other artists that would not cause such storm of emotions in society.