Rheumatologic Disease: Abigail’s Health Takes the Best

The health of Abigaël Walker, with polychondritis, a very rare rheumatologic disease, is getting better. The 14-year-old girl even stopped taking corticosteroids. This is a big step forward in the fight against his disease.

She was even able to take part in the 2 km event as part of the Sherbrooke half-marathon.

“I’m really proud,” says the one who was the sponsor of the event. My illness is a bit like arthritis and running is hard for my knees. ”

Abigaël stopped taking corticosteroids two months ago by replacing them with another kind of steroids that stimulate the kidney glands.

“She’s still medicated, but it’s very good news,” says her mother, Myriam Ruel. In about 10 months, if she has not recovered from corticosteroids, we will be able to talk about medicated remission. ”

“It’s a funny story, because we stopped the medication because of a gastrointestinal,” Abigael notes. So it was a little thanks to the gastro that we stopped and since then we have had no signs of the disease. I have very much defended, it helps me a lot in the sport. ”

Even though her daughter’s health is improving, there are still many adjustments to make according to Myriam Ruel.

“There are for example his adrenal glands that do not work well. His body does not produce adrenaline during physical exertions or big shocks. ”

But these difficulties did not prevent Abigaël from running the 2 km in the company of his two sisters, a magical moment for the family.

“I’m so proud,” says Myriam Ruel. Abi did it like a champion and her knees held out. It was beautiful for Mom’s heart. ”

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