Rick and Morty : a car in exchange for a pot of sauce Szechuan style

There is no need to have a gun, portals, interdimensional, that the reality is stranger than fiction. Especially when it’s about the cartoon Rick and Morty created by Justin Rolland. Even here, on Earth C-137, there are things happening that you could easily call it absurd. This is the case of this story that boggles the mind.

What would you be willing to sacrifice to put the hand on a small pot of the sauce Szechuan that the chain of fast-food Mcdonald’s has been recreated in ultra-limited edition ?

The fans ran onto the sauce Szechuan style

For those who don’t follow the adventures of Rick and Morty, the sauce Szechuan is a sauce of Mcdonald’s become legendary since the first episode of season 3 of the series, entitled The Rickshank Redemption, in which Rick believes to be the best sauce ever created by Mcdonald s. Except that it had been launched as limited edition.

The sauce Szechuan had been created in 1998 in collaboration with Disney, in the framework of the launch of the animated film Mulan. Inspired by chinese, it has been proposed for a few weeks but has never made its appearance since until 7 October 2017 when Mcdonald’s wanted to make pleasure to the fans of Rick and Morty in the recreating in ultra-limited edition for a day in the United States.

The fans ran onto the sauce and Mcdonald’s had not expected such a craze : some remained empty-handed and the police even had to intervene in some restaurants to calm the crowd disappointed.

A fan sharing a pot against a car

Some fans have, it seems, managed to get most of a jar of this sauce or have simply reported in them without opening them. When it is exhausted in the restaurants, they have started to sell on the Internet and especially on eBay, where some pots can reach prices in excess of one hundred dollars.

A fan of the series, Rachel Mary has made the better case : after having posted on Facebook a photo of his pot of sauce, Szechuan, she has received a number of proposals. One caught his attention : an exchange against a Volkswagen GTI 2004, a car that sells for more than 5,000 euros on the second hand market, reports Justin Chiat. Necessarily, she did not hesitate.

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