Riding on studded tires with no sign of “Spikes” is prohibited

December 1 of the current year, motorists are officially obliged to glue on a car sign “Spikes” while driving on studded tires. Those who ignore this rule will be fined in the amount of 500 rubles. In addition, the traffic police has the right to forbid a citizen to drive a car until it appears with a special sticker.



Traffic police reminded that the mark “Spikes” should be glued on the rear window of the car. While the police stressed that it is better sticker to place in the top of the glass so he was visible to other road users.

After the Russian motorists learned about the introduction of the sign “Thorns”, it was massively sold. In addition, citizens can do it yourself, but make it strictly according to the GOST.



Most motorists still bought sign “Thorns”, but there were citizens with a sense of humor that draw the coveted “W” in a triangle on a dirty body. In addition, recently, in social networks appeared a photo, which depicted a car in Voronezh, which is a sign of “Spikes” mounted on the rear glass.