Rivne police citizens Wake the loud anthem

Ровенские полицейские будят горожан громким исполнением гимна

Rivne police citizens Wake the loud anthem [photo, video]
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Little rovenchane came on a tour to the patrol and sang the anthem of Ukraine. Photo: Oksana Yurchenko

Every morning instead of an alarm clock residents of the regional center raises the chorus of the patrol.

Since the launch of the new police force in Exactly it’s only been a couple of months, and the patrol already had their own traditions. One of them is to mark the beginning and the end of the work shift the overall performance of the anthem of Ukraine. At 7:30 and at 19:00 dozens of beautiful and stately, as the selection of law enforcement going on-site management and loud and with singing, with his hand on heart. “Sche not vmerla Ukrayiny, I Slava, I will..” – spread far beyond the streets of Stepan Bandera, where is the office.

The national anthem of Ukraine performed by the patrol became the “Apple of discord” for the citizens of Rivne. Retired from the house, which is opposite the control of the patrol police five times to complain to management that their subordinates are singing too loud. Persistent rovenchanka not against the national anthem, but it requires to fulfill its quieter.

They with their songs bother me to watch TV, – complains pensioner.

And not only she does not like the choir in uniform this early in the morning or in the evening when I want to sit in silence and relax from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Not happy and the parents of the children. In the summer when Windows in the house wide open, it seems that the patrol performed the anthem of Ukraine in the same apartment. Of course, the song wakes the kids.

Video: Oksana Yurchenko

But there is another view.

I live next door to the office, and I really like to Wake up to the main song of the country in the performance of police, – told “KP” in Ukraine” rovenchanka Natalia. Is a good tradition, because there where you can hear the anthem of Ukraine, not firing “grad”.

And patrol themselves say that their songs do not break the law.

– It’s our tradition, it is very touching, – has told “KP” in Ukraine” the head a press-services of the Patrol police Exactly Oksana Yurchenko. – Recently came to us on a tour of children. Patrol and sang the anthem of Ukraine together with the children.

The police say that heed every complaint from the Rivne players, but to sing the anthem of Ukraine loudly and with a tone every day twice a day will still continue. Especially that song at 7: 30 and 8 a.m. – until constructed, while the tune – so that the laws do not break.


Rovenchanka five hours had to sunbathe on the roof

On the days when it was +30 in the shade, rovenchanka Alina (not his real name) decided to sunbathe. The girl climbed onto the roof of the native 9-storeyed building near the centre Smoothly, taking a towel, sunblock, a water bottle and a cell phone. For some reason, did not warn relatives about where it’s going.