Road accident in the Vologda region with a wagon and a minivan April 13: the list of victims, a criminal case

On Friday, April 13, in the Vologda region, the accident occurred on highway A-114 Vologda – Novaya Ladoga near the village of Tsarevo Cherepovets district facing the truck and the van.

Information about the incident reported in the press service of the regional interior Ministry, noting that the collision of the loaded truck and a minibus Volkswagen happened to people on 110-m kilometre of the Federal highway A-114.

Unfortunately, in an accident with a wagon and a minivan on the highway Vologda – Novaya Ladoga in the Vologda region, seven people died – the driver and six passengers of the minibus. Also injured several people.

This hour has already drawn up a list of those killed in road accident in the Vologda region. Wanted by the relatives of those killed in the accident.

Also known and the list of victims in accident 13.04.2018 in the Vologda region, whose condition doctors estimate as heavy.

The death toll in the traffic accident in Vologda region, near the village of Tsarevo:

1 Markov Sergey Vladimirovich (born in 1971 Veliky Ustyug) – the driver of the van;

2 Verica Ekaterina Andreevna (born in 1953 Veliky Ustyug);

3 Glazyrina Ekaterina Alekseevna (born in 1958 Veliky Ustyug);

4 Tonkovska Arina Aleksandrovna (born in 2000 Verkhovazhskaya district, village Klimushkin);

5 Victoria Rumyantseva Olegovna (born in 1996 Babaevskiy rayon, village Timoshino);

6 Araslanova Olga Alexandrovna (born 1952 Krasavino);

7 badanin Vasily Nikolayevich (born in 1990 Veliky Ustyug).

The list of victims in road accident in the Vologda region near the village of Tsarevo:

1 Gulyaev Sergey Viktorovich, born in 1956 (sheksninskiy district, the village of Demino), the state of moderate severity – the driver of the truck “Volvo”;

2 Veselova Anna Vladimirovna (born in 1994 Cherepovets) is a very serious condition;

3 Umnova Elena Pavlovna (born in 1982, the village may) – a very serious condition.

In fact a terrible accident on 13 April in the Vologda region opened a criminal case against the driver of the truck “Volvo” under part 5 of article 264 of the criminal code “Violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons.”

The driver of the truck have been detained, what the representatives of the media reported in a press-service of the regional Department of internal Affairs.

According to preliminary data, the driver of the truck with the semitrailer, moving along the road A-114 Vologda – Novaya Ladoga, near the village of Tsarevo began emergency brake, but lost control of the vehicle.

As a result, the truck jumped into oncoming traffic, where it collided with a minibus with passengers.

In the Network appeared photos and video from the scene of a terrible accident in the Vologda region.

Add that on Saturday, April 14, in the Vologda region in connection with the terrible crash is declared a day of mourning. In the region cancelled all entertainment events planned for this day.