Roads of Florida: the restaurateur Jocelyn Benny away from the winter

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Aboard motorized, Jocelyn Benny, of the famous family of les rôtisseries Benny & Co, owner of five restaurants in the Quebec city region, is estimated to have travelled at least twenty States of our neighbour to the South. And although he had a real heart for California, it is in Florida, specifically at Margate, at the Aztec RV Resort, he decided to settle with his wife, Ghislaine, to escape the cold of quebec.

At Aztec, the restorer wears many hats. It is said of him that he is the champion of handheld gaming, a gifted billiards and he is doing quite well at pickleball. Skilled do-it-yourselfer, it is to its door that it comes to hit when you need tools : “They call me the “Hardware Benny” so I have tools hidden under my RV, ” says the friendly business man of 69 years. But don’t ask him to cook, because most of the time, the couple prefers to go to the restaurant.

When one asks him if he knows a good restaurant in Florida, Jocelyn Benny hesitates to respond to : “Well honestly, I don’t know. It must be said that the chicken on the spit is an art that must be mastered. For now, our mission is to continue to expand in Quebec, and maybe one day, who knows, the next generation of the family that is active already within the company to ensure long-term sustainability could open a first restaurant in Florida ? “

Ave Maria

The church dominates the town of Ave Maria.

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In Florida, I like to do trips on a motorcycle, whose visit to the town of Ave Maria, about a half-hour from Naples. It is a university town, in the middle of nowhere, founded in 2005 by among others, Tom Monaghan, the former owner of the chain Domino’s Pizza. The attraction of the city is its immense church and its impressive architecture. There are also the catholic university Ave Maria, several shops and multiple restaurants.

First United Methodist Church of Boca Raton

The Methodist Church of Boca Raton, the Easter tradition is to release a butterfly.

At Easter, our tradition is to participate in the mass of the Methodist Church of Boca Raton. After the celebration, all gather outside to participate in the annual butterflies for release “. One gives us a small white envelope that must be opened gently to release the small butterfly multicolor located there. A magical time that’s a lot of fun for children ! Then it goes next to the beautiful beach of Boca Raton for a picnic !


Capriccio”s Ristorante


Recipes, authentic Italian and tasty, I choose the Capriccio”s Ristorante in Pembrokes Pines. I amuses me often to say that the boss is like the character of Michael in The Godfather. He is very friendly, welcoming, and in addition, he sings and plays the accordion and the piano ! The atmosphere is always festive at Capriccio’s and people take the opportunity to dance. The restaurant consists of two rooms, one modern and the other more rustic, the image of the old Italian restaurants typical. It is our great blow to the heart, and in addition, at each of our visits, we were welcomed as if we were family members.

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SanTo”s Modern American Buffet & Sush

The refined design of the Santo”s Modern American Buffet & Sushi is a reminder of one of the restaurants in New York city.

People sometimes tend to sulk the-can-eat buffets, but don’t make the mistake not to try those in the Santo’s, Coconut Creek. For a sum of around $ 25, you will have the right to the best sushi in the city, in addition to taste excellent fruit and sea including a large variety of oysters on ice. Lovers of roast beef will also be served. The contemporary decor reminiscent of the restaurants of New York is also very pleasant. The place is huge and perfect to accommodate children who need to move ! For those who doubt the cleanliness of these buffets, you should know that it is spotlessly clean. Being myself a restaurateur, this is the first criterion that I see in the restaurant. The Saito’s Japanese Steakhouse Coconut Creek is another address to remember. It is always a pleasure, because it’s just a number that offer the cooks who prepare, on a large plate, dramatically, the meal ordered.


Tijuana Taxi Co Restaurant

Decoration unusual awaits you at the Tijuana Taxi Co.

The mexican restaurant Tijuana Taxi Co is another must. Upon our arrival, we are served nachos with a warm salsa of thunder, courtesy of the house ! Everything is good, especially their fajitas and their pork ribs served with large fries. The decoration is unique, with his huge bottles of tabasco sauce in the dining room ! And what of the automaton, a mexican who plays the guitar ! Rather fun !

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The rates are very affordable, it comes out easily for less than $ 30 for two !


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