Robert Pattinson and FWA twigs have well and truly broken after three years of love

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Robert Pattinson and his girlfriend FKA Twigs at the premiere of “The Lost City of Z” in London, February 16, 2017.

The couple had yet fiance in 2015.

The carrots are cooked and well-cooked between Robert Pattinson and FKA twigs. As we revealed exclusively last month (but with discretion), the actor of 31 years and a musician of 29 years, have broken up after three years of love.

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The information was confirmed on Wednesday 11 October by the tabloid English The Sun, which advance only the distance growing ex-lovebirds in the last few months. “They were almost inseparable during the first two years of their relationship. But in recent months, they have really started to pull away, passing less and less time together,” said a relative.

Rob couldn’t take any more

Jobs of the time overloaded ? Interests become different ? One thing seems clear, the rupture could have been brought about under the impetus of FKA twigs, aka Tahliah Debrett Barnett. “Rob couldn’t take any more, he cancelled the engagement and told his friends that they had broken. But with such a liability, there are still strong feelings. It is a difficult situation but things had become complicated between them for a while already, and they both knew that their relationship was no longer working”, a-t-concluded.

In July, Robert Pattinson had intrigued his fans by announcing on the radio that it was “sort of” engaged to FKA twigs. The following month, FKA twigs appeared on a walk in the streets of Ibiza in the side of the mannequin French Brieuc Breitenstein. Without Rob, the side on which she had been photographed for the last time in the month of may, during the Cannes film Festival.

After having been to the shows in Good Time (always available in some rooms), Robert Pattinson is now very taken up with the filming of the science-fiction film High Life, in which he will give the reply to the French Juliette Binoche. For its part, FKA twigs is in London for the recording of their second album, whose information ends up in the dropper. Her first album, LP1, was released in August 2014, shortly before his meeting with Robert Pattinson.

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