Rock band The Cranberries will release their latest album, despite the death of vocalist

Рок-группа The Cranberries выпустит последний альбом, невзирая на смерть вокалистки

The Cranberries decided to finish work on a new album with the last song, despite the death of its vocalist Dolores O’riordan.

Members of The Cranberries decided to release a new album, the launch of which was announced earlier. According to team members, Dolores managed to record all the necessary vocals.

On 15 January in London died 46-year-old singer of The Cranberries Dolores O’riordan. The singer arrived in London to record a new version of the smash hit Zombie, which in the 90s became a worldwide hit. However, in the morning she was found dead in a hotel room. 23 January in Ireland was held the funeral of Dolores. At the farewell ceremony was attended by only relatives of Dolores, her colleagues-the musicians of The Cranberries and the President of Ireland Michael Higgins.