Rolls-Royce wants to supply engines for the Russian-Chinese aircraft

Rolls-Royce хочет поставлять двигатели для российско-китайского самолета 

British engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce intends to participate in the competition to supply the engine for the Russian-Chinese widebody long-haul aircraft CR929, the newspaper China Daily, citing a representative of Rolls-Royсe Paul Stein (Paul Stein).

A joint venture of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) and the Chinese civil aviation Corporation (COMAC) — CRAIC December 2017 sent RFP (request for proposal) to potential suppliers of the aircraft on which it awaits a response by the end of may 2018. The completion of the RFP procedures for the program CR929 is expected in late 2019.

“We are very serious about this. We want to be the supplier of the engine. The plane CR929 will create positive competition and innovation opportunities for the aviation industry…CR929 is a great plane. We want to offer what we already know. This engine with the latest proven technology. We want to ensure the commercial success of a new model of the aircraft,” the newspaper quoted Stein.

He added that a team of engineers Rolls-Royce is in close and constant contact with the CRAIC to ensure that potential engine best suited aircraft.

Russia and China intend to implement plans to build aircraft to 2025-2027 years. The intent of the parties, the liner with a capacity of 250-300 passengers will compete with the aircraft of other leading aircraft manufacturers, the European Airbus and the American Boeing and will take significant market share not only in Russia and China, but also in other countries. The cost of the program at the moment is estimated in the range of 13-20 billion. The first flight is expected in 2025.