Roscosmos and S7 intend to build an innovative orbital spaceport.

The representatives of group of companies S7, which possess a number of aviation assets, together with representatives of Roskosmos agreed to begin construction on Earth orbital spaceport.


A source in the rocket and space industry claims that the relevant agreement on intentions was signed between the heads of these agencies Igor Komarov, on the part of the Roscosmos, and Sergey Sopova of S7.
Information on signing of the agreement was officially confirmed by representatives of the S7 before it. They also added that they conduct with “Roskosmos”, “successful work” and this cooperation they intend to continue.

Multifunctional orbital complex targets will be, inter alia, on the starting activity. In fact, we are talking about creating a spaceport with a lot of additional functions.
In the group S7 yet about future plans talking with a certain caution.

At the same time a source of it is from this group spoke about the plans for what the launch complex was originally planned to use as a point of refueling, supply, startup, and other functions related to space objects.