Roscosmos to announce causes a bad start with the Eastern 11 Dec

A special Commission of Roscosmos in emergency situations to unveil the causes of failed missile launch from the Eastern cosmodrome December 11, reports the edition about it “Version.Info”. The representative of the scientific and technical Council of the organization Yury Koptev has declared that the priority version yet.


Koptev said that the emergency start rocket “Soyuz-2.1 b” was held on 28 November by all standards, but the upper stage “Fregat” could not carry out its main function, the object together with the satellites in orbit did not come out. Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev immediately gave instructions to investigate the situation.

Investigation of the launch failure were transferred to the special Commission on the basis of Roscosmos, experts were to examine all possible variants of breakdowns, failure and other nuances. Priority version is not yet announced, but on 11 December, the Commission can call the preliminary cause of the accident.