Rostovchanin has proposed not to allow the Commission the IOC in the world Cup

A resident of Rostov Alexey Sarychev has organized a petition which was sent in the form of an appeal to the President, with an unprecedented offer to put part of the IOC to Russia for the world Cup.


A man so imbued with the problem of removal of Russian athletes from participating in the forthcoming Olympic games, which organized the petition and wrote a letter to the President, which campaigned Putin and all the officials, make an order not to let the whole composition of the IOC in the world Cup next year. Rostovchanin emphasizes that by doing so they will make the necessary reciprocal gesture to officials, in his opinion, unfair to sue the Russian athletes.

Not surprisingly, the petition is already gaining momentum. We remind you that the international Olympic Committee did not allow Russian athletes to participate in upcoming games.