Rostovchanin mark Gerusov left the project “Hooligans”

21-the summer inhabitant of Rostov-on-don Gerusov mark officially left the show “the Hooligans” due to the fact that the psychologists considered it inappropriate. In the framework of the project, mark had to obey strict rules and to support your mate, what failed.


Mark Gerusov with the title of best model of the southern part of the Russian Federation in the current year, and participated with his beloved Regina on the project called “Hooligans” in which he had to abandon the usual lifestyle in favor of obedience to strict rules, with which he failed. The project involved the hooligans who burn their lives at parties, going against conventional systems that want to change for the sake of their halves. The project mark was involved with his girlfriend that did not like the fact that her boyfriend considered themselves to be more beautiful than herself, and on the street, people paid attention in the first place on Gerusova. According to his girlfriend, mark prefers to spend most of his free time in front of a mirror, watching their appearance.

Project experts in cooperation with psychologists considered it inappropriate to further participation Mark ostralegus from his half and not helping her in the completion of special contests, the reward for which was a date with his girlfriend.