Russia “cancelled” Ukrainian licenses for subsoil use in the Crimea

Россия “аннулировала” украинские лицензии на пользование недрами в Крыму

In Russia came into force a law according to which in the occupied Crimea, cease, Ukrainian license for subsoil use and introduces a new order of their registration. The corresponding document of 3 August was signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, reports the Agency “TASS”.

Now the right to use subsoil plots located in the Black and Azov seas, will be provided by the government of Russia by results of the auction.

Under the new law, all Ukrainian license issued prior to the occupation of the Crimea, will be void.

“Now the government will make decisions about holding of auctions for each site of subsurface resources on the continental shelf of the Azov and Black seas, establishing a procedure and conditions for their implementation, as well as on the composition and functioning of the auction commissions”, – is spoken in the message.

Until the law enters into force the right to use the subsoil was granted without a tender by decision of the Cabinet on the basis of the application of the subsoil user.

In comments to “112 Ukraine” the Minister of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine Ostap Semerak said that in the Crimea there are 131 gocleanse for subsoil use.

“When we talk about special permissions, or as they like to call a “license” to use subsoil, I would like to say that in the Crimea, is valid 131 this license, in the waters of the sea of Azov 7 such licenses in the Black sea – 16. It is hard to understand how many of those licenses in the Azov and Black seas came under such actions of the Russian authorities, but in any case it is illegal seizure of property of Ukraine”, – said Semerak.

The question how to act the Ukrainian government in this situation, the Minister replied:

“The strategy is followed and we are implementing – it will continue to be implemented. You know that there are claims of Ukraine to the international arbitration and there are claims of Ukrainian companies, for example, “Naftogaz” to Russia on compensation of losses”, – added Semerak.

Recall, Ukraine in September 2016 initiated arbitration proceedings against Russia to protect their rights in the area adjacent to the Crimea sea area in the Black and Azov seas and Kerch Strait. The lawsuit States that Russia illegally receives Ukrainian energy resources.

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