Russia has completed the formation of a shock group to attack the Donbass – Tymchuk

The concentration of Russian troops in the Donbas ended.

According to Stopru about it on his page on Facebook wrote Dmitry Tymchuk, referring to the group of IP operational data.

According to him, the concentration of Russian forces in the Donbas ended.

“The bulk of the local gangs have also virtually staffed, weapons and military equipment. At the moment only lasts doukoplektovanie and transfer of individual units” – wrote Tymchuk.

In addition, he noted that the transfer is carried ammunition, fuel and other. Resources from the territory of the Russian Federation in the framework of increasing reserves of material means for the autumn-winter period: “Thus, we can say that in fact a tool for increasing the intensity of the fighting and solutions local problems in the “zone of ATU” aggressor today was created. ”

However, Tymchuk said that Russian special services offered to terrorists recruit crews for being transferred from the Russian Federation military equipment in advance, even in the “DNR” and “LC”, at the expense of Russian instructors trained militants. And only then come for obtaining technology on the territory of the Russian Federation and transport it to the territory of Donbass their own.

“In the border areas of Russia recorded at least 4 points” technology transfer “and at least two major routes (north and south) transfer of goods supply, AME and personnel for the needs of the Russian-terrorist troops in Donbass”, – he added.

The Stopru