Russia continues to send military personnel in Ukraine and mercenaries

According to the group “information resistance” Russian soldiers who arrived at the Donbass, accompanied the car with the words “OSCE”.
Nine so-called “humanitarian convoy” with Russia in Donbass mercenaries came to form new terrorist groups. This December 15 reported on his Facebook page the head of the “resistance Information” D. TIMCHUK.

“In Krasny Luch is the formation of a new” battalion “of militants. As part of the created unit recorded a few of the local population, the bulk of the militants – Russian mercenaries who came from Russia with “humanitarian convoy» №9. Most of the mercenaries – representatives underclass segments of the population, “- said in a statement.

Timchuk noted that over the weekend Uspenka-Lysyche-Amvrosiyivka-Kuteinikov were arriving from Russia artdyvizion and motorized infantry mouth on APC accompanied the car with the notation “OSCE”.

However, he stressed that, despite the cease-fire, Russian troops who are in the Donbas, continue to bombard positions Ukrainian security forces.

“Over the weekend in the area towns Grygorivka (Telmanovsky region) pulled ahead of the consolidated Company tactical group one mechanized infantry brigades of, two reinforced artbatareyamy, led many hours of fire on the Ukrainian forward positions. There were lengthy attacks on positions Ukrainian troops in the area north of Mount n.p.Vesela (fire was from the standpoint of militants east Lugansk) “- summed Timchuk.

As reported, the last day militants have carried out attacks 7 position forces ATO.

Recall, September 5 in Minsk participants trilateral talks signed a preliminary protocol ceasefire agreement in Donbas. Later it became known that President Poroshenko gave the order to cease fire in the Donbass 18 hours 5 September.

In addition, 19 September in Minsk signed a memorandum of protocol implementation on 5 September. According to the document, expected to cease use of weapons, the withdrawal of foreign forces in Ukraine and so on.

Later in the self-proclaimed “DNR” said they are willing to observe a truce during December 9th equivalent actions of the Ukrainian side.

Subsequently, the militants said they ” do not have time “to 9 December. The meeting moved indefinitely

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