Russia is working suitable for snow-covered roads drones

Member of the Council under the President of Russia on the innovative development Alexander Gurko believes that safe operation of unmanned vehicles on public roads is possible in three to five years. Currently, the ad hoc working group on the relevant bills.

Tekhstandart in modern Russia there is no concept of “unmanned transportation”, but there is a “innovative transport”. According to Mr. Gurko, the formation of standards that allow the use of drones on the roads requires a lot of time.

He stressed that a number of countries are now considering the possibility of creation of territories of Autonomous driving, which will not be manned space vehicles as they provide effective existence very difficult.

The expert noted that without the appropriate development technologies and infrastructure on the roads can decrease the safety level. In this regard, do not hurry to run Autonomous vehicles in city centres.

In addition, the Russian developers have to prepare drones to operate in difficult weather conditions. With this purpose, during the contest “Winter city”, which involves the creation of autopilot, which can operate without visible markings. Also need the car drove 50 km in less than three hours.