In Russia plans to recover from Ukraine $ 1 billion for the shelling of the Rostov region

Russia's claim
Russia’s claim

Deputies of the State Duma Roman Khudyakov plans to prepare a lawsuit against the Ukrainian government for $ 1 billion in international courts for attacks in the Russian territory of Rostov region from Ukraine.
The amount of $ 1 billion legislator considers appropriate, “based on the number of victims and the fact that the lives of thousands of citizens subjected threat through fire from the territory of Ukraine,” write “Izvestia”.
According to the deputy, another shell, which came from the Ukraine, September 4 exploded near checkpoint “Voloshin” Rostov region. By this border area allegedly subjected to regular shelling from Ukraine as artillery and small arms.
In August attacks occurred repeatedly, particularly in the gearbox “Gukovo” or village Kuibyshev. By August, according to the Government of the Rostov region, the area of 16 times subjected to fire, in which one person was killed, nine were wounded. Many citizens suffered property damage, the newspaper notes.

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