Russia the ECHR stated that the Ukrainian political prisoner Baluch fast

Россия заявила ЕСПЧ, что украинский политзаключенный Балух не голодает

The Russian government on the requirement of the European court of human rights provided information about the health status of four Ukrainians who are in Russian prisons: Stanislav Klikh, Vladimir Baloga, Amir-Usain cook and Sergey Litvinov. According to the Russian government, none of them starving. It is reported BBC Ukraine with reference to press-sluzby court.

Russia has until September 5 to send the ECtHR information about the health status of these people and report, or until they are starving.

“The Russian government answered the court’s questions regarding masters Klich, Baluja, cook and Litvinov. Russia has provided information that those four men regularly examined by doctors, get the proper medical treatment and that none of them now does not a hunger strike,” he told BBC News Ukraine, the press service of the court.

But human rights activists are sounding the alarm – Vladimir Baluch continues a hunger strike for 172 days. Earlier it was reported that due to starvation in Baluja severe pain in the liver; the necessary medical care he does not have. Baluch continues to lose weight.

Ukraine appealed to the ECHR on 10 and 17 August to oblige Russia to clarify the state of health of Ukrainians in the context of consideration of case No. 38334/18 “Ukraine against Russia.”

August 23, the ECtHR announced that the court decided to apply rule 39 of its rules on emergency interim measures of protection in relation to Stanislav Klikh, Vladimir Baloga, Amir-Usain cook and Sergey Litvinov.

Recall, July 5, Razdolnensky district court in Crimea has sentenced the Ukrainian political prisoner Vladimir Baloga to 5 years in a General regime colony and a fine of 10 thousand rubles. (about 4 thousand UAH) on charges of alleged illegal possession of ammunition.

Human rights activists believe that his repression of Pro-Ukrainian position, in particular for the Ukrainian flag, which was hung in his backyard.

In protest, Baluch announced an indefinite hunger strike.

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