Russia violates the rights of Ukrainians, who refused to receive a Russian passport in annexed Crimea, human rights defenders

РФ нарушает права украинцев, которые отказались получать российский паспорт в аннексированном Крыму, - правозащитники

The Russian Federation violated the rights of those who refused to obtain Russian passports on the territory of annexed Crimea. In particular, they are expelled as migrants, who violate the terms of stay in the country. As reported by “Crimean human rights group”, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“The Russian Federation deprives of the rights of those citizens of Ukraine, who have refused or are unable to obtain a Russian passport in the occupied territory. It is expressed primarily in the fact that they have no possibility to get normal to work, they have no access to normal medical care, in the end, they are simply expelled from the territory of the Crimea, using the standards of the administrative code of the Russian Federation” – quoted analyst “Crimean human rights group” Alexander Sedov.

He stressed that the occupation authorities of the Crimea consider these people as external migrants, despite the fact that they have long lived on the Peninsula before the annexation.

According to human rights groups, from the beginning of the annexation of the Peninsula in 2014 to February 2018, the occupation authorities issued a 6970 regulations on punishment for alleged violation of terms of stay in the Crimea. Sedov said that the punishment could be a fine, deportation or admonishment.

“To understand how to apply the article 18.8 of the Administrative code of the Russian Federation, which is reglamentary, we have analyzed thousands of decisions in the period from April 2016 to November 2017. This implies that 37% of them deportation decisions. Only 4% – or a verbal warning or closure of the case,” said the defender.

According to him, this applies to citizens of Ukraine or foreigners with a residence permit, issued by Ukraine.

“Russia as a country-occupier is obliged to respect all the rights of the population, which is in occupied territory. Limit of people on the basis that they received passport or not, are not eligible. And as a country-occupier, must provide the right to work, to provide adequate medical support and, in the end, in any case not to expel citizens,” insisted “the Crimean human rights group.”

We will remind, earlier the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine urged the Russian Federation to return the Crimea in their families and stop the tactic of forced disappearances and torture to harass and suppress political dissent.

As you know, in March 2014, Russia after the illegal referendum annexed the Crimea. March 17, 2014, Putin signed a decree recognizing “the independence” of the Crimea, and the next day together with the self-proclaimed authorities of the Peninsula have signed the agreement on joining of Crimea and Sevastopol into the Russian Federation.

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