Russia will have to dispose of missiles, “Satan”: not enough Ukrainian parts

России придется утилизировать ракеты «Сатана»: не хватает украинских деталей

In the near future Russia is planning the process of disposing of missiles, “Satan”, this was stated by the representative of the Ministry Yuri Borisov.

“It (Satan) was developed in the middle 1980-x years and stands on duty, but time marches on, technology moves forward, this system obsolete. She’s already at the finish of its life cycle, and we will soon begin to dispose of this rocket”, — said Borisov.

Thus the military expert Viktor murakhovski said that the cause of failure from missiles is the absence of the Ukrainian parts.

“One of the reasons was that we had to move on their strength in the production of certain components of the rocket. Since the production of some components on the territory of our country was not to recover it makes no sense: it was necessary to invest big money in a restoration of production of components that are no longer modern,” — said murakhovski.