Russia will intervene in the elections in Ukraine and the EU, – Poroshenko

РФ будет вмешиваться в выборы в Украине и Евросоюзе, – Порошенко

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Russia seeks to undermine the unity of the European Union and to interfere in the election in Ukraine and in the EU. About this Poroshenko said at the international high-level conference “Lessons of the hybrid of the decade: what you need to know to successfully move forward,” reports the press service of the Ukrainian President.

“The goal of this hybrid war — to undermine the foundations of Ukraine and the democratic world. Not as many direct blows as inside. And it is (RF) not only to the Ukrainian elections, but the elections of the European Parliament. Very active. And the elections in the individual countries of the European Union. For what? To undermine the unity of the European Union. And now there is a clear understanding of: why go to Europe to war, if you can dilute the very European idea? Why conquer someone physically, if this can be done spiritually and mentally?” – said Poroshenko.

Earlier, representatives of the intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate published a report about Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections by publishing paid posts on the social network Facebook. Also as part of the investigation of the interference of Russia in the U.S. presidential election, was charged with 13 Russian citizens, among them a “Troll factory” (“Agency of Internet research”).

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