Russia will not join the G7, and the question of Crimea is solved – the Ambassador of Canada

Россия не присоединится к G7, пока вопрос Крыма не будет решен - посол Канады

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Canada is not considering accession of Russia to the countries “Big seven”, and the question of Crimea is solved. Comments about this UNN said the Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine Roman Vashchuk.

“Fortunately, in this group of countries (the”Big seven”- ed.) there is more than one state party. We immediately, in less than an hour after the first application, said that for us there is no question of returning to Russia until the Crimean issue is resolved. It is our position,” – said the Ambassador.

Vashchuk reminded that in the group of countries of “seven” the decision is taken by consensus, i.e. General agreement on contentious issues.

“So, you can assume that it is one of the – I don’t know whether to call it a guarantee – this is one of the positions which we occupy and which means that we do not foresee a quick return of Russia in this group,” he said.

However, he added that not guarantee the same position of other States, because “each country can only answer for their own statements.”

Recall that the G7 countries will work together to confront Russia.